About Us

Ms. Saliemaa Lalani

– Certified and Licensed Cosmetologist

Sally’s Soul Therapy was founded by Saliemaa Lalani, who embarked on her journey in 1996, fueled by a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals seeking optimal skincare solutions.

From the outset having recognized the need for personalized skincare services that catered to individual skin types and concerns, her clinic became a sanctuary where clients not only received expert advice but also experienced a holistic approach to skincare. Through her meticulous techniques and innovative treatments, Saliemaa set a new standard for skincare services that prioritized long term results.
Having started at a young age, she recognized the challenges faced by youth in skincare, sparking her passion. With over two decades of expertise, she champions holistic approaches at Sally’s Soul Therapy in Mumbai.

Her mission :
Empowerment through skincare rituals that nurture confidence and well-being.