Teen Facial

Any professional facial begins with a skin analysis to assess the skin’s type, tone, and texture and to identify any ongoing skin conditions. A professional esthetician is trained not only to identify skin concerns but to educate the individual about their skin and how to address existing concerns. The highlight of any spa facial, of course, is the treatment itself which is catered to the individual’s needs.

Here are some of the benefits of facials specifically for teens:
A professional esthetician can help teens determine their skin type and educate them about the unique needs of their skin.
 facials are an opportunity for teens to learn healthy skincare habits they can build on for the rest of their lives.
Professional estheticians have access to professional strength products that can help with stubborn acne and other ongoing skin conditions.
By improving the health and appearance of their skin, teen facials can help improve self-esteem, especially in teens who struggle with acne.
The teenage years are rough. Between growth spurts and fluctuating hormones, many teens feel trapped in an ever-changing body that they don’t recognize from one day to the next. Regular skincare – a combination of professional facials and an at-home routine – can lead to clearer skin which gives teens one less thing to worry about as they progress from adolescence into adulthood.